I’ve spent most of my career as a Publications Designer, but my original hope was to be an Art Director for motion pictures. I have a degree in Design from Auburn University, but my focus was the theatre and I actually worked at Arena Stage in Washington DC after college. The hours were long and the pay not so good. I was fortunate to land a secretary job at National Geographic Society in their television division. It was amazing to work with so many creative people. I was the only staff employee, the rest were contract and short-term. Most, if not all, the production work was out-sourced to Los Angeles and New York. The D.C. office was primarily administrative. Unwilling to take a risk, I stayed with my full-time status and moved up to a production designer position on the National Geographic Magazine. I spent the next 12 years working my way up to Type Designer. Realizing there was no way to advance my skill sets without venturing outside the National Geographic. I took the plunge to try video editing as a freelance Graphic Designer. I lasted a couple of months only to realize how expensive the software and hardware was (early 90’s) and a steep learning curve. I was offered a contract Art Director position with the National Geographic Book division and I’ve been there ever since.

The past decade, I have taken acting and film classes, written a screenplay, participated in a 48hour Film Project and even been an extra in two full length films (Shooter and National Treasure Two, Book of Secrets) and some commercials. But, I’ve kept my day job as a contract graphic designer ($), though my passion is film production I’ve been following the security. However, the world is changing and so is the need for a print designer. The money and demand has dwindled to a crawl. I tried web designing, but just couldn’t get excited about it. I am finally focusing on film production. I’ve volunteered at the Middleburg Film Festival (which I really enjoyed). I continue to volunteer at Fairfax Public Access television station as camera operator, designing lights, stage sets, motion graphics and editing. Maybe someday I’ll make a film, produce a television show or even make money designing motion graphics, I hope so. This site is a great way to share my knowledge as I learn and get involved with the film industry and film festivals in Virginia and the metropolitan areas. I hope you enjoy my site and look forward to your feedback.